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+7 (999) 909-89-92
г. Moscow, st. Dmitry Ulyanov, 31
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The Russian company Belli Capelli was founded in April 2007. Specializes in the sale and processing of natural hair for extensions and the creation of hair products. Guarantee of high quality products and affordable prices. We use advanced technologies and the best raw materials. Our company makes significant efforts to offer a wide selection of quality hair in various lengths and colors.

  Belli Capelli has its own factory in the city of Yukhnov. Of course, the technologies and equipment we use in hair processing are borrowed from countries that traditionally lead in this area. However, many stages of the technological process are our own developments and are being improved in step with technological progress. To offer you high-quality hair, of various lengths and colors, specially prepared for extensions, we have to work hard. Post-dressing and hair processing is largely manual, painstaking work that requires a lot of attention and experience.

The technological process consists of:

  • Sanitary and fumigation processing of raw materials
  • Sorting of raw materials
  • Preparation for dyeing, hair dyeing
  • washing, drying
  • Making hair extensions or strands for extensions
  • washing, drying
  • packaging

The Moscow studio Belli Capelli is conveniently located near the Akademicheskaya metro station. From us you can always purchase natural hair for all extension techniques, as well as devices, tools and all related products. Our studio is decorated in accordance with the latest trends in interior design. Our task is not only to give you a transformation in a short time, but also to make sure that you have a pleasant, interesting and educational time.

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